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Merry Christmas!

Posted in blog on December 25, 2009 by Rejeenah

Johann came over to spend Christmas with me. It’s our second Christmas together and I couldnt be any happier. Im looking forward to a new year with him and an infinite number of Christmas too! *blush*

He also changed his hairstyle, and i love that we almost have matching EVERYTHING lately. It’s quite cute that he isnt embarrassed doing stuffs like these with me.

Ive had a blast with him, and with D-Tri and Damien a while later to share the Christmas dinner me and Johann prepared. Im glad there wasnt any bickering from Johann and D-tri and I want to thank Damien for this wonderful picture of me and my boyfriend!


from Johann and Rejeenah~


learning to rollerblade~

Posted in blog on August 11, 2009 by Rejeenah

it was a really boring afternoon and Johann decided to visit me at home.

he brought some rollerblades, he said that the other pair is for me. A gift for no reason. *sigh* he’s so sweet.

I told him that the gift is really sweet, too bad i dont rollerblade.

Hold me tight~

But he decided to teach me how anyways.

It was so fun.


Posted in blog on June 1, 2009 by Rejeenah

So the boys left without me huh?

Ah, whatever, as long as they get along fine i have no complaints.

I just hope that Johann and D-tri will stop fighting now. I hate it when they punch the lights out of each other.

I wonder how D-tri often comes out of the fight unscathed?

DSCN9601 copy

they are so cute, right?

Je suis Rejeenah~

Posted in blog, meme on May 28, 2009 by Rejeenah

Weeeh! I got tagged by the handsome (as he says so…) Niccolo.

ok, so here is me in 5 uh.. bulleted.. uh.. stuff. 

1. I was born in France and I grew up there.  I used to go to a private all girls school. And, I go home to an empty mansion everyday, except for Tara, my bull terrier and Agnes, my nanny who loved me so much and i love so much too!

2. I met D-tri on my summer art school when I was 16, he never took his eyes off me since then, NO. we’re not together, it will never happen. I look up to him as an overly protective older brother.

3.  I am also the object of hate from every girl that D-tri has ever dated.  I got bullied alot and D-tri breaks up with every one of them once they lay their hands on me.

4. I met Johann on a record store after I ran away from home to study here in Japan. I was also the one who asked him out on a date (it was just a coffee date) and I guess I left an impression on him that he asked me out to dinner the next day.

5.  I wish D-tri and Johann will stop bickering every moment they get, sometimes I find it annoying, most of the time I find it funny.

Tagging Johann, D-tri, Isaiah and anyone who wants to do this~!