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teaching her.

Posted in blog on August 11, 2009 by Johann

Went 0ver to Rejeenah’s house.

I gave her rollerblades to pass time when we’re bored.

No. she never bored me. I love her! (ok, cheesy much.)

She’s a really brave girl and  I love that she trusts me so much.

Trust me.

Let’s do this again,  anata~


Been Busy~

Posted in blog on June 26, 2009 by Johann

I know i have reasons to be away from this blog but the other 2 (excluding my dearest) i have no idea why they are almost killing this blog.

Ive been busy with my band, Chaos.

Damn it. I think we’re disbanding. I cant seem to blend well with any of them. I know im not their leader but damn, cant we all work it out? I love music so much.

And then there’s that Dagger.



– Johann –

i love…

Posted in blog on June 3, 2009 by Johann


the rain.

No matter how melancholic it may seem, every raindrop that touches the ground is always a melody.

I get inspiration for my music through the calmness the rain gives me…

– Johann –

Visiting ABS-CBN ~

Posted in blog on May 29, 2009 by Johann

I went to ABS CBN to see how Doll Master works.



Wow. I can see how busy she truly is, I guess she’s stressed like that.

It was boring without Rejeenah but I find ABSCBN accomodating. (This isnt the first time I’ve been here.  So I was actually excited to come again!)

A good person gave me this stub! Yey! I was gonna get a free burger today!


Im hungry anyways so I went down with some of the employees of ABSi (as they shortly call their department) and they were all girls! (im sorry rejeenah, I swear i wasnt looking at them! That bastard* would be so happy to be here for sure.)

GAH! The line was long but it was worth it. I love cheeseburgers. 


And I love the fact that it was from McDonald’s and I have an Apple pie and soda too! 


Im a bit sleepy now… I wanna go home and see my beautiful Rejeenah~


YEY! Time to go home. 

I guess going out once in awhile isn’t so bad. Tiring and boring sometimes but it’s fun to meet new people too. 

and it helps that i am adored by the employees, even if I am not really used to the attention.

Gah I’m tired. I guess I’ll just rest up abit, matta ja ne, minna!


~ Johann


*bastard refers to Dagger