Ich bin Dagger

I got tagged by my lovely Rejeenah.

1. I moved to Germany when I was still a handsome young toddler (ok, 2 years old). I am half-Japanese and I got separated from my mother and younger (very cute) brother when my parents divorced. My real name is…. A SECRET. What were my parents thinking when they named me that way?! Not sexy at all!

2. My dad remarried. Bah. He can do whatever he wants. As long as I can go to France or Germany as I please, no problem. I moved to France to study. Stupid dad gave me a stupid looking one bed apartment! My girls! I would never even THINK of taking them in that dreaded apartment!

3. I moved to Isaiah’s house in Paris after I sold the apartment. Yeah. More bucks for dates. Turns out dad gave me that apartment so I can somehow stop skirt chasing. In your dreams dad.

3. I met Rejeenah when our sketchpads accidentally got mixed up when we bumped on each other on the way to our class. She was so cute. She’s so friendly, and so much like a little girl that I cant bring myself to even ask her for a friendly date, knowing she is a Bertrand isnt helping either. Thank goodness we became the best of friends in no time, and that she’s French. *wink*

4. My dad always told me about my little brother that my mom took with her when they divorced. In my young memory, I do remember playing with a little baby. I am so happy he turned out to be Rejeenah’s boyfriend Johann. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving us custom-made necklaces! Only problem is… oh, little brother, do not hate me so. I love you~!

5. I love girls. I dont date lolita types, that’s for sure. I’m more into the lady or woman type. The one who wont just be a little MOE girl beside me. Igh! I’d like someone who’s not afraid to show some skin, to spare some money (although i ALWAYS spend for the dates *ahem*) and to drink with me. A nice coffee date, or movie date, wont hurt either.

That’s it?! I want to talk more!!!!


Tagging Johann. Oh, Dear brother, it is only you i wanna learn more about.

Loving brother,


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