Je suis Rejeenah~

Weeeh! I got tagged by the handsome (as he says so…) Niccolo.

ok, so here is me in 5 uh.. bulleted.. uh.. stuff. 

1. I was born in France and I grew up there.  I used to go to a private all girls school. And, I go home to an empty mansion everyday, except for Tara, my bull terrier and Agnes, my nanny who loved me so much and i love so much too!

2. I met D-tri on my summer art school when I was 16, he never took his eyes off me since then, NO. we’re not together, it will never happen. I look up to him as an overly protective older brother.

3.  I am also the object of hate from every girl that D-tri has ever dated.  I got bullied alot and D-tri breaks up with every one of them once they lay their hands on me.

4. I met Johann on a record store after I ran away from home to study here in Japan. I was also the one who asked him out on a date (it was just a coffee date) and I guess I left an impression on him that he asked me out to dinner the next day.

5.  I wish D-tri and Johann will stop bickering every moment they get, sometimes I find it annoying, most of the time I find it funny.

Tagging Johann, D-tri, Isaiah and anyone who wants to do this~!


2 Responses to “Je suis Rejeenah~”

  1. Grazie mille, Rejeenah, for letting the world now how handsome I am. I could now show that little brat Skittles that I do have fans.

  2. okay…..?

    thanks for dropping by Niccolo~

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