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Είμαι Damien Ησαΐα.

Posted in blog, meme on May 31, 2009 by Damien Isaiah

Ahah. Dont mind the title. 

I got tagged by Rejeenah.

1. I was an orphan, and the Andreou family adopted me when I was 7 because of my talent with the arts. I am a painter, a photographer and wirter. Lately I kind of lost my muse and being here in Japan now is kind of reviving it again. The Andreou’s are a family of painters too and they say I look like they’re deceased only son. We were originally from Greece and we moved to France when I was 10. 

2. My adoptive parents are now dead too, left with their fortune and the family business, which is being handled by our family consultant and I live alone,  sometimes with Dagger in France. He stays at my place when he’s in Paris and I stay at his place when I’m in Germany.

3. Me and Dagger have known each other since I was invited to his 10th birthday held in Germany. It seems his father’s 2nd wife was my adoptive father’s no. 1 patron. We were partners in crime as we were growing up, I also have to clean his mess up for him everytime he breaks up with the girls. 

3. Me and Dagger are complete opposites. He’s talkative, I tend to observe. He’s the ladies’ man, I’m… just not that. 

4. I kind of don’t like it when she’s around, since she hogs Dagger’s attention. If she hates to be bullied, she should just leave Dagger and me alone. She really thinks I like her? 

5. I followed Dagger to Japan because her girls are already having a picket fence on my yard. I dont have him and there’s no way I’m telling them where he could be found. Ugh. Dagger’s always causing me so much trouble.

Uhhh…. I think ive written alot. I cant be left alone with an empty page and a functioning keyboard. 

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Visiting ABS-CBN ~

Posted in blog on May 29, 2009 by Johann

I went to ABS CBN to see how Doll Master works.



Wow. I can see how busy she truly is, I guess she’s stressed like that.

It was boring without Rejeenah but I find ABSCBN accomodating. (This isnt the first time I’ve been here.  So I was actually excited to come again!)

A good person gave me this stub! Yey! I was gonna get a free burger today!


Im hungry anyways so I went down with some of the employees of ABSi (as they shortly call their department) and they were all girls! (im sorry rejeenah, I swear i wasnt looking at them! That bastard* would be so happy to be here for sure.)

GAH! The line was long but it was worth it. I love cheeseburgers. 


And I love the fact that it was from McDonald’s and I have an Apple pie and soda too! 


Im a bit sleepy now… I wanna go home and see my beautiful Rejeenah~


YEY! Time to go home. 

I guess going out once in awhile isn’t so bad. Tiring and boring sometimes but it’s fun to meet new people too. 

and it helps that i am adored by the employees, even if I am not really used to the attention.

Gah I’m tired. I guess I’ll just rest up abit, matta ja ne, minna!


~ Johann


*bastard refers to Dagger

Je suis Rejeenah~

Posted in blog, meme on May 28, 2009 by Rejeenah

Weeeh! I got tagged by the handsome (as he says so…) Niccolo.

ok, so here is me in 5 uh.. bulleted.. uh.. stuff. 

1. I was born in France and I grew up there.  I used to go to a private all girls school. And, I go home to an empty mansion everyday, except for Tara, my bull terrier and Agnes, my nanny who loved me so much and i love so much too!

2. I met D-tri on my summer art school when I was 16, he never took his eyes off me since then, NO. we’re not together, it will never happen. I look up to him as an overly protective older brother.

3.  I am also the object of hate from every girl that D-tri has ever dated.  I got bullied alot and D-tri breaks up with every one of them once they lay their hands on me.

4. I met Johann on a record store after I ran away from home to study here in Japan. I was also the one who asked him out on a date (it was just a coffee date) and I guess I left an impression on him that he asked me out to dinner the next day.

5.  I wish D-tri and Johann will stop bickering every moment they get, sometimes I find it annoying, most of the time I find it funny.

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After all that…

Posted in blog on May 26, 2009 by Doll Master

 I finally got this blog going~ *relief*


It took me alot of time to finally figure out wordpress but i am loving it now. 

Enjoy your stay and i hope u all get to know more about my darlings as this blog updates. (which i promise i will try to do so every single time i get!)